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PLAST 2018

Asert will be present at Plast 2018. For more information PLAST is one of the most important fairs in the world for the plastics and rubber industry and is held in Milan every three years. In the PLAST exhibition…

Asert is Industry 4.0

Tampographic machines built by Asert srl, fall within the "Industry 4.0" parameters The term Industry 4.0 (or Industry 4.0) indicates a trend of industrial automation that integrates some new production technologies to improve working conditions…

Technical assistance on the whole LEXICA CROMA machines line

Items produced with ASERT technology

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ASERT took charge of the assistance of the pad printing machines line called LEXICA, the
production and supply of pad printing consumables from CROMA.
We boast an excellent know‐how and an advanced engineering in planning, derived from the
thirty‐years long knowledge of our technicians in manufacturing little dimension machines up to
real decoration centres, able to satisfy every kind of decorative request and any possible printing
ASERT manufactures and supplies all the consumables for pad printing such as pads, clichès,
tintoblock rings, doctor blades, inks and solvents.

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