Consumable products

Wide range of consumables and tools

Besides the production of machines and plants,ASERT offers a wide range of consumables and tools, in order to complete the services offered to its customers.
Pads: a vast choice is available, with different shapes. The manufacture takes place directly in our
Plates and magnetic plans: ASERT offers the chance to choose between photopolimer or steel
clichès, in different thickening.
Components of the printing groups: blades, friction rings (in ceramic or synthetic) etc.
Inks: ASERT offers a wide range of high quality inks.
Complemetary additives wich allow to dilute, polish, blend and maintain the machine perfectly
Finally ASERT offers in its catalogue a large group of tools for the pad printing section:
Peaces pre‐treatment unit: flaming devices or Corona treatments, to be chosen on the basis of the
singular technical necessities.
Master clichès: unit deputed to the processing of photopolymer plates.
Automatic unit for the washing of tools, equipped with a rotating basket stressed by solvent
Bromographs and displays, with mylar and crystal coverage.
Pools for steel clichès engraving