Doctor blades

Self‐sharping doctor bladeSharping knife
CA 20×0.15×700 mmC 20×0.25×700 mm
CA 20×0.25×700 mmC 20×0.50×700 mm
CA 20×0.50×700 mmC 20×0.70×700 mm
CA 25×0.15×700 mm
CA 25×0.25×700 mm

Asert proposes two models of doctor blades, self‐sharpening and sharp, which differ one from
another in thickening and represent the right answer to every manufacturing need.
Manufactured with high‐quality steel. The molding of the profile and of the grinding is particularly
well‐finished and regular.

  • Self‐sharping doctor blades: flexible, they are usually employed on photopolymer or 0.5mm steel
    clichès. Different thickening are used on the basis of the printing graphic.
  • Sharp doctor knives: available in different thickenings, sharp doctor blades are employed mostly
    on 0.10mm steel clichès. The most used thickenings are 0.25mm and 0.5mm.

Generally doctor blades are supplied in 5‐pieces packaging, 700mm long, in the sizes reported
On demand, we can supply different measures and lengths.